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        Main Projects

Charitas Flores Netherlands is involved with two major projects: the medical research program and the operational program.


Medical research program

In 2014 the esteemed CFN Board member Dr. H.B. Thio of the Erasmus University MC, conducted a solid medical research program. In a joint operation with University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia) in Jakarta, Dr. Thio investigated the needs and opportunities to stimulate hygiene and reduce infectious diseases in 21 villages in the Nanga Panga area of the Ende District. Based on the scientific results of this medical research program, the operational Caritas team performed baseline and feasibility studies.


Operational projects

  • education/training;

  • installation of clean drink water systems in houses and schools;

  • sanitary facilities in schools, houses and utility buildings;

  • developing horticulture projects;

  • care for diffable people.  


Sanitary Facilities

Before and after renovation

Clean water facilities

Horticulture projects

Horticulture project

Diffability care



With the support and the devotion of all stakeholders and benefactors the realised projects have brought about empowerment, self-sufficiency and better health conditions in more than 30 villages for 25.200+ people. This was all accomplished in close cooperation with Caritas Ende, the partner of Charitas Flores-Nederland.

More than 115 school toilet facilities were built, which serve more than 2300 students and teachers in 5 sub-districts of the Ende region. The Caritas Ende Foundation performed a pilot research survey in 18 schools, which was aimed at determining  perception of students, teachers and parents involved in the sanitary projects. This program will continue to create sanitary facilities for more than 6500 students in the coming years. 



Clean water is provided free of charge for the families in the villages and in schools. The cost of maintaining the water systems is financed partly by the villagers and through a District Government allowance. This allowance is a budget that is granted to each village, authorised by the local parliament. The water-committee leaders of every village are in charge of the funds and the various maintenance operations and accountable to government authorities. The water quality will be controlled periodically by Ende City Water Management through laboratory tests. Local people receive vocational training by experts of Caritas to ensure future maintenance. The quality of drink water will be controlled on regular basis.

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