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The Dutch Government Tax Authority has decided to grant the Foundation Charitas Flores Netherlands (CFN) the ANBI recognition per 4 May 2021 , No RSIN 862577470 .  



Keywords in the collaboration are mutual trust, transparency and commitment to each other and to the mission”.

Strict monitoring and control of all cost effective carried out projects will be reported regularly to all involved stakeholders. CFN provides full insight in all financial projects transactions. Audit report will be carried out by an external independent auditor.

Outlines of policy plan


Activities to be performed by the foundation as indicated in article 2 paragraph 2 of the statutes, the foundation will realize its objective by financially facilitating an integral charitable development project consisting of five sub-projects: education and training; construction of clean water systems; sanitation facilities in homes and schools/utility buildings; horticultural projects; and diffability care.


The foundation will achieve this by collaborating with, among others:

The Indonesian foundation “Yayasan Caritas Keuskupan Agung Ende”, federal member of Caritas Internationalis Rome; the district administrations on Flores; the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical authorities, including the Archbishop;  the fellow villagers of the local districts, the involved village communities.                                                                                                                               

Verslag financien beheer van de CFN stichting 2022

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