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Charitas Flores Netherlands

About CFN


Charitas Flores Netherlands (CFN) is a charitable non-profit foundation with a recognised "ANBI Status" in the Netherlands.  CFN focuses on helping people in need and on raising the standard of living in the rural areas of Flores, Indonesia.

In these areas, 60 per cent of the village communities have no access to clean drinking water and are deprived of proper hygienic facilities. This leads to infectious diseases,  comorbidity, food shortage, extreme poverty, and living conditions far below dignified humanitarian standards. The Charitas Flores - Netherlands Foundation provides the legal and organisational basis for the 'EVIDENCE' project. EVIDENCE stands for 'Educational Vigour against Infectious Diseases Employing Novel Combinations of Expertise'.



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View on Ende, the capital of Flores


Medical  Projects

Medical research conducted by CFN Board member Dr. H.B. Thio (Erasmus University Medical Center).

Operational Projects

CFN facilitates a charitable active program in cooperation with the Executive Charitas Ende Organisation and local government authorities.


Maintenance of water systems sanitary facilities and horticolture projects are embedded in the socio-economic infrastructure to enhance a durable outcome,.

These projects are stepping stones, means, to revitalise and empower the potential capabilities of the village people and their raised awareness of self-sufficiency leading to overcome poverty.   

"Today's actions will accomplish tomorrow's goals, for the sake of a better world to live in"

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